01. I'm On Top
02. Cookie Thumper
03. Valley of the Dolls
04. Sad Dream
05. Oh No!
✎ 匿名: Hey Seba! I was wondering if you have heard the song All About That Bass? And your opinion on it? I liked it at first but then people pointed out that it could be viewed as skinny shaming and now I don't know how to feel about it....

i don’t like it, pissed me off, not only is it bringing down thin people but its also encouraging only feeling good about yourself bc of men liking you??? like thats literally the whole song

✎ 匿名: By the looks of it, you have far more things in common with white people than black cause one you're a weeaboo and try to be some kawaii pastel person like white teens do.

do u call everyone with a hint of anime on their blogs a “weeaboo”? but nah, i’m dark skinned, i’ve gotten called sand n*gger, i experience a fair amount of racism, etc, you saying that people who aren’t white can’t like pastel cute stuff is a pretty good example of a fucked up form of racism where darker people are only supposed to like certain things.

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