01. I'm On Top
02. Cookie Thumper
03. Valley of the Dolls
04. Sad Dream
05. Oh No!
✎ 匿名: Wait, if you are Muslim then why do you post such revealing photos and do you wear hijab when u go outside?

nononononono NO, im not muslim anymore and even if i were, not all muslim women wear a hijab, i never wore a hijab. if i did, i wouldn’t be posting any outfit pics.

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✎ 匿名: why do you have an insult faq?

i used to get many of the same insults over and over, so i decided to make an insult faq to let the people who waste my time with hate know that they’re not original in the least and i’ve heard the worst on here already.

✎ 匿名: Do you wish you had lighter skin?

i used to wish it a lot, before i moved to america for a year i used to see the fair & lovely commercials often and i’d always want to get the products so i’d have light skin and thought it would suddenly lead to me getting accepted and loved by people, but my mom likes my skin colour so i knew i couldn’t ask her to buy it for me. sometimes i still wish i were lighter because it’s not fun being told by everyone throughout your life that you’re so many negative things just because you’re not light-skinned, but i’ve come to terms with it. i guess i still wish it sometimes because it would have made many things easier.

✎ 匿名: What are your measurements? What is your bra size?

uh i think my waist is like 20-22? im not sure, hips are 32 i think and bust is either 30 or 32, i’m not sure honestly. im quite forgetful. but my bra size is 32b

✎ 匿名: Is your boyfriend arabic? What does he look like? what is he like?

he was raised in saudi and ukraine, so sorta arab but it’s kinda complicated. 

i reach his chest (hes real tall) and he’s average weight (i guess on the chubbier side?) he has green-blue-grey eyes and light brown hair, looks a bit like brad pitt but different face shape and with glasses. 

he’s funny and really sweet and caring, puts my needs and pleasure before his and always keeps my limits in mind. short tempered in general but patient with me, trust worthy and sorta geeky, appreciates the little things and isn’t a pervert but has his moments. oh and hes a definite worrier.

✎ 匿名: Aren't you underage for posting some of the body pics you do? What do/would your parents think?

i don’t post anything sexual or any nudes or any pictures of me doing anything sexual, so it’s not illegal (lol im real careful with this stuff) 

my parents don’t care, my dad is quite conservative so he’s not happy about me posting any pictures so x_x

✎ 匿名: Do you feel weird/guilty when people buy you things off your wishlist?

nah i feel weird/guilty when people straight up give me money but i get happy and feel grateful when i get gifts ^-^ 

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