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I’m going to be reviewing three things in this one post!

Pink and white cross sweater from Sheinside

Candy color frayed shorts from Oasap

Lace frill socks from Oasap

I’m going to start with the smallest thing; the socks. 

Okay so I don’t think I’m the only one with this but I’ve got no socks to be honest, I struggle everytime I have to go out these days looking for socks. So since I had the opportunity to get this and I’ve been wanting lace frilly socks for a long, long time, I knew getting this would be perfect.

The socks are really light, pretty and soft. I haven’t found a single flaw with it and I think they actually looks better in real life than they do in the stock photo as shown below:

Crochet Hollow Lace Frill Socks OASAP.com 

Here’s a close-up of the ones I got(although it’s not a very good picture, I must admit): 

The color is very light and kind-of peachy.

I give the socks a 5/5


Now onto the candy colored shorts from Oasap. 

I really love the shorts! The color is one of my favorites, it’s comfortable and easy to put on, and overall it’s really pretty. My only problem is that it was slightly big on me, but I guess that’s alright because I don’t think most stores would provide clothing that are my size. Nevertheless, the shorts are really nice even when they’re a little big on me so if you buy them and they fit you perfectly, it would probably be the definition of perfection.

Here’s a stock photo:

Candy Color Frayed shorts OASAP.com

I give the shorts 4.5/5 because of them being a little big on me


I left the sweater I’ve been wanting for a while for last. Sheinside honestly provides some of the greatest sweaters, I’ve never been disappointed. 

I don’t know if any of you have seen the things I’ve reblogged with people in this particular sweater but the minute I saw it on my dashboard I’ve been wanting to have one and there it is! It’s perfect for the winter, the color is perfect and it is so comfortable. It’s a somewhat long and a little baggy, but even so it’s perfect. I wore this sweater all day today before reviewing it and I must say I don’t think I have ever gone a whole day feeling so warm. I don’t think that there’s anything I haven’t liked with this sweater. I’m so glad I got this during the winter, I can already tell I’ll be wearing this very often. 

Here’s the stock photo: 


On the link to this sweater, you can also find various more photos of satisfied customers in it. It looks really good on all of them, to be honest. 

I give this sweater a 5/5. 

Thank you for reading!^_^

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